2014 soon after the month draws to a close, so this year, as a sneakerhead you harvest in the year how to do this? Here we take a count in 2014 under ten meaningful Air Jordan shoes, of course including the upcoming sale within the next month, you have to start it? Or are you going to start it?

Here I will introduce it again AJ11, the following contains more than double 11:

11 design inspiration comes from the mower housing. It is the Air Jordan shoe is on behalf of, the last pair of shoes with positive generation sole cushion (after 12 began using a zoom)

Air Jordan 11 Air Jordan can be said to be the pinnacle of the series, groundbreaking use of patent leather as the upper material, this material is lightweight and gorgeous tensile ability, in terms of support has inherent advantages. In addition, Joe is also the first time the application of the 11th generation of carbon fiber as the shoes in the palm support, this material with ordinary TPU role, as can better connect the front and rear of the palm provide better torsional rigidity, thereby to increase the movement when stability. Under the same conditions, carbon plate has a better than TPU torsion performance and lighter weight, so now the high-end basketball shoes like carbon plate for which the palm support. Another noble sense of mystery and carbon plate itself has also drew consumers like, and then with sparkling crystal bottom, AJ11 soles is very appealing to the eye.

Air Jordan 11 Low "Concord"
Air Jordan 11 Low Concord

Air Jordan 11 "Concord" low, these shoes probably heavy weight in the minds of many sneaker is a pair of shoes makes sense. Jordan from 96 years to win the parade, when it appeared. 1996-2014, a full 19 years later, it was on sale for the first time, a lot of people like the look of this shoe dog eat dog now. This pair of shoes every year, said the sale may have been when it comes to 2014.

Air Jordan 6 "Slam Dunk"

Air Jordan 6 Slam Dunk

Will affect a generation of classic anime "Slam Dunk" culture into the classic Air Jordan 6, is designed around a hero Yingmuhuadao core, through a special reflective material technology will be printed on a variety of pattern Slam Dunk shoes above the upper, Yingmuhuadao "the 10th" instead of the standard "on the 23rd," meaning the North of Sakuragi story high school basketball team in the comics, but also on behalf of Jordan X Slam Dunk Jordan brand is tailored for Sakuragi exclusive player version of the series. Yingmuhuadao blood modeling on the word "MINE IS NOW" toe so many sneakerhead recalled childhood blood picture.

Air Jordan 6 "Carmine"

Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared

Air Jordan 6 are so welcome that because it was the first time for Michael Jordan to win the use of boots, a pair of shoes in the history of natural positioning is particularly not the same! Interested friends can click on the review under the Jordan and the Air Jordan 6 celebrity pro review: http: //www.dunkhome.com/news/5183

Air Jordan 6 "Black Infrared"

Air Jordan 6 Michael Jordan's first NBA championship double boots to help Jordan led the Bulls won the NBA championship in 1991. And this black and red color of the Air Jordan 6 Black / Infrared is the Jordan against the Lakers in the Finals wearing the boots, meaning it is unusual.

  Air Jordan 11 "Pantone"

Jordan Brand was in 2010 in order to pay tribute to Joe closer to his alma mater, University of North Carolina, specifically to create a positive by many pairs of Air Jordan generation consisting of "Pantone" commemorative set, fresh and beautiful Carolina blue with classic styling make the Air Jordan everyone wants to have a pair. And this will be the end stage and is the first commercially available "Pantone" color and the combination of Air Jordan 11 shoes, the classic self-evident.

Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue"

AJ11 has always been a classic, and this legend by white dotted blue tones debut at the end of the same Air Jordan 11, seemed to let us see the All-Star Game in 1996 when Michael Jordan used the classic "Columbia blue" color.

Air Jordan 13 "Cement Grey"

In 1998, Air Jordan 13 "gray toe" of the sample release, 2005 engraved shoe sale and triggered a craze. In the same year the NBA game, Qiao Jason Kidd also wearing this shoe expedition. However, many fans are not satisfied with the shoes engraved in 2005, due to an error when the stitching material use, most of the red midsole lot of overflow into the white area, this problem causes almost no perfect product phase of "GreyToe on prevailing market . "Today, Nike through the material staining method overcomes this criticism. In addition, this is one hundred percent engraved conducted according to the Sample 1998, from the picture, we can clearly see that this part of the shoe from toe to tongue are gray fabric, but in 2005 the engraved version, only the toe part gray, the rest of the tongue is white. Overcome some of the midsole gamut, full retention of the original Sample design, "Grey Toe" undoubtedly one of the most worthy of Air Jordan Retro start of this year.

Air Jordan 14 "CHALLENGE RED"

Ferrari 550 Maranello with inspiration for the design of classic sneakers Air Jordan 14, inherited the perfect classic luxury sports car design and fashion lines, in red suede shoes face more in line with Ferrari presents temperament, beautiful.
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