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Nike Zoom Flight ’96 “Allen Iverson” Release

Nike Zoom Flight 96 “Allen Iverson” Release

As the 96's champion, the answer reputation, its most famous shoe endorsements than Reebok's Answer series. Few people may know that just joined the Union AI also through the Zoom Flight '96, but the 76ers retro color, I believe that Emily has brought back a lot of memories, this carrying 14-year career starting point for answers shoes have been on sale overseas, Item 317980-400.

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 Nike Zoom Flight 96 “Allen Iverson”Cheap Nike Zoom Flight 96 Allen IversonCheap Nike Zoom Flight 96 Allen Iverson

Disclaimer: All pictures posted here are for educational purposes only. Nothing is for sale, this channel is to serve as guide for people to be able to differentiate between authentic and replica products. Again,this channel is for educational purposes only. Pictures from the Internet.

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