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Iverson Autobiography: "My heart Fearless"

 Iverson autobiography: "My heart Fearless"

Changed its name to change the name 


Looking back at history, the 1986 NBA draft, had been considered one of the strongest lineup in history, but those players are early fall: the first two blue Byas was selected after the Celtics had only a two days, because taking drugs overdose deaths;. Article 3 of Chris Washburn, William section 6 of this 德弗德, as well as the first seven of Roy Tarpley has due to drug and alcohol abuse and prematurely left the NBA. 

Since then, the teams began to re-examine their own selection criteria, selected because they are likely to spend millions of dollars rookie. One aspect of nature, the moral of the team has become extremely important, even at the cost of their hired private detective to investigate their concerns player's background. 

76 Of course no exception, but also secretly investigating Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury, where Iverson is subject to a special care. Despite bowling alley brawl has a stop, but Iverson still without a driving record, and had appeared in a case of murder of the party scene too. In this regard, the then president Pat 76. Klose explained: "We must be clear, these past problems in the future will lead to new problems." 

BEST Iverson on NBA

Pat Clos, a downright Phillies. 1980s, Klose was the 76 Football League Flyers and fitness coach, but also a smart, energetic businessman, founded his own movement therapy companies in the country 11 states have 40 treatment centers. In 1996, he decided to sell the company, and succeeded in persuading former 76ers owner Harold Katz sold the 76 people, and took over the team owner Eddie is the trapeze. New partners Schneider and Klose's Klemm karst companies. As Klose himself, because he bought a stake of 76 people, so the new president was nominated for the team, the goal is to lead the 76ers to regain confidence, glory. 

The first decision facing Klose, perhaps the biggest one, that is selected with the number one draft pick Allen Iverson. 

Like other rookies like Iverson came to the 76ers, undergo a series of tests. He gave an amazing 76 respondents: place Mogao reached 40.5 inches, the run-up Mogao is reached 45 inches. Clos although not witnessed the scene, but when he was stunned to hear this result: 76 people in the Hall of Fame, only the year of rebounding "J Dr" Owen Mogao than 40 inches. Even so, Klose still can not be determined to stay Iverson, and Iverson feel the need to interview. 

NBA Iverson

Klose detailed recalled that after the interview:. "At the time, I feel the need to talk with this guy, and then we about in a hotel next to the Philadelphia airport when I entered the lobby, and did not see Iverson immediately after looking around, I found wearing a casual shirt, lying on the couch sleeping guy like him and then I went over to say:?, hello, you're Allen Iverson it, his just woke up and said:., yes, hello, we then went to Pat Clos edge of a table, talking about the twelve hours during which his mother gave him a call, I do not mind, he answered the phone, he did not mind if I hear their conversation. "

 Way conversation is straight to the point. 76 people through investigation that Iverson's stepfather Freeman jail because of drug trafficking, and Clos asked Iverson whether to participate in the opening over. "Absolutely not!" Iverson's answer is emphatic. Klose grew up in the south of Philadelphia, also known drug trafficking such things, he told Iverson said he could not fully believe him. "We reviewed a lot of memories as well as all the past." Klose constantly tentatively Iverson, but did not find any loopholes. 

After the conversation, although not completely dispel doubts Klose, but Iverson gave him a good impression that Iverson sense of family. Iverson does not like Freeman's arrest, but he did not abandon his stepfather, he can go visit him regularly in the shoes found broken after the stepfather took his shoes off to change to his own home barefoot. The most important is that Iverson does not evade their past, not looking for any excuse for his poor background. Iverson said: "My past has taught me many things, I do not feel ashamed of their poor background, it makes me know how to cherish all have, know how to always believe in yourself." Klose told Iverson: "If you're not lying to me, I will not lie to you, "this is what Iverson needed:." I feel very comfortable talking and Clos he is a very real person, do not beat about the bush, I hope. he knew the real me, which gave me a good opportunity. "

76ers finally made a decision. Clos recalled: "At that time, we believe that Iverson's performance is very good, but if we do not have the right to select his number one draft pick, could be reprimanded each city to see my people are shouting out loud to me:, Hey, Pat, Iverson!, just like my name is Pat Iverson-like. "

"I'm proud for Iverson, I saw his heart, yes, and there are dark times, but I also know that in the depths of the soul, he is a good boy, and his talent has emerged. That now when Iverson no tattoos, no fancy dress now, but I do not mind that. nobody asked him to dress up like with like Jordan, he has his own freedom. actually, we can see his special my favorite from the outset, this guy, and I appreciate his candor, appreciate his loyalty to friends and family. "

June 26, 1996, the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey, Iverson became the year's rookie champion. 

"I love Philadelphia, in all NBA team, I am most willing to effectiveness is the 76ers, which is a new organization, I am also a rookie, let us open up a new era now! I have the ability, passion, and I is that the way to every game to play as the finals who will not let you down. "--- Allen Iverson 

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