In 2015, the Lunar New Year approaching, Jordan Brand launched a product called 'Year Of' The Air Jordan XX9, when these shoes lead exposure in the network, when we see as sneakers edit 'Year Of' the affixes will naturally linked to this is the year of the launch of the Chinese zodiac shoes, in fact, because this is the year of the Goat, so early in the network information, we see more of these shoes being promoted as "Goat edition" XX9.
Air Jordan XX9 Year Of

But read carefully the design of the shoes from the shoe look as if there is no element with the "sheep" related, but the ink on the upper element is its highlight. We also see a similar follow-up 'Year Of H20' such names. But from the official standpoint these two names are not desirable, in fact, carefully consider these two points can be integrated into the 'Year Of' inside after thought, first of all, "Ram" can be a combination of Chinese traditional culture, because of the distance Lunar New Year is getting closer, but China is still a huge market for the Jordan Brand, the emphasis is increasing every year. The link to the "water", you might think, "water is made" this idiom. This is also a wonderful place not it? Of course, if you wanted to look at the longer term, you naturally think of this year for Jordan Brand significance, because this year is the Air Jordan series, third decade.
Air Jordan XX9 Year Of

In ancient times, thirty, forty, middle age fifty to know your destiny, and ear sixty, seventy Congxinsuoyu allusions in the past thirty years, we have witnessed the Jordan Brand from scratch, becoming popular in the world brand shoes. This three decades accompany us not only classic shoes every generation, as well as Michael Jordan brought us a surprise in games, but this surprise though after he retired from the court would not the flash, but was an annual tradition to a generation of Air Jordan shoes are in.

OK Wenaojinchu

Air Jordan XX9 As the Jordan Brand's top products, from last year's conference in New York made public since then, it has become a topic of discussion, one of the many shoe fans, remember the night our entire editorial team are doing around the conference updated content. The conference was conducted to half the time, Michael Jordan's sudden appearance, so far away on the other side of the network we are more curious about this double XX9 what kind of appearance and performance. When the Air Jordan XX9 officially opened, there is no time to see XX8 after "My pants are off, you give me this" mood. But I think there is a bit of deja vu. Jordan Brand's conference day at the foot of the legendary designer Tinker did not wear the new XX9, but a pair of elite gathering designed Air Jordan XX3, this scene makes me think that it touches the middle seem to have some clever touch.

Air Jordan XX9 Year Of

Pu pole piece Yunsheng

So I think of it and XX8 links, remember the year before the conference, as was the Jordan Brand Viagra less spokesperson attended the double back to the time it is on behalf of sneakers named the conference, and in the press conference the next day the major online platforms, we do not seem to buy these shoes account, the topic of focus points are why there is such a high upper shoes? At that time I did not feel anything, because a few years before the actual performance with age named Air Jordan shoes either at launch or after its launch, it is quite satisfactory, there is not much highlights, especially in algebra named XX8 after the reunification, the four shoe seems far away from the entire Air Jordan series. In other words, if after 10 years, how many people remember that four pairs of shoes do?
Air Jordan XX9 Year Of

But remember never to look good or bad because a pair of shoes to judge the performance of these shoes in performance. Later thing, surely we all know, is XX8 performance than its "low key" look to be "high profile" a lot. Especially FlightPlate technology, which greatly limits the rebound excitation energy of each action. With Zoom Air cushion, can freely bend, rebound, so the pressure rapidly distributed throughout the foot, so that the entire sole release excellent cushioning effect.

Here is more or less like to talk about my own views, and that is XX8 and XX9 contact, if the first impression XX8 brought me is amazing, so XX9 bring my first thing is familiar with this familiar feeling can be viewed from the upper height, quite a bit, and XIX close to the meaning, but outside of the shadow of some XX3 TPU, and I always thought that even now XX9 should XX8, but XX8 because of his unique appearance call XX9 too.

Cross-day endless stream

If Flight Plate for your less attractive, then you can go to feel really serious vamp shoes charm, just before the conference that the Department Teaser in Westbrook dressed "suits" into super custom like clothing, shoes uppers also like custom in general, no matter which version of XX9, uppers are relying on ingenuity to create custom craft breathable textile uppers woven into the one-piece design, the perfect embodiment of craftsmanship Seiko secret agents . You can even say that holding a shoebox with pictures of shoes, do not feel the weight of feeling.

Functional knit uppers abandon all the extra weight, the Air Jordan series lightweight pushed to the peak stage. Although thin, but still can feel the lock with a rare feeling fit and comfortable experience. In this pair of Air Jordan XX9 'Year Of' uppers, and still be able to see the inside of a line separating the two upper.

Hereby landscape with addiction

Air Jordan XX9 'Year Of' color with water as the design inspiration. Water for the Chinese people since ancient times has unusual significance, philosophizing about water are numerous, from the point of view like the font with the flow of the waters, in the middle of a vertical "|" represents the sun hidden in water micro breath.

By ink style shoe on the shoes can feel bring our visual sense, open shoebox at first glance is an incomparable feeling of ink is printed onto this pair XX9 vamp, while the upper Di Wukuan XX9 shoe design design is used, the first four upper forms are "big Logo", "crack explosion", "topographic map" and "black History Month." And this pattern uppers in places covered with traditional ink painting rendered in functional knit uppers, but not the same pattern on both shoes. Combined with blue color, to show the water possess Refreshing and mystery, seemingly invisible pattern at the toe missing varied, eclectic but drama roaring force of character.

Although these shoes and matching costumes on Nikestore are already sold out, but still in a retail store to buy another line under the current market price on the network an other color models more expensive. If you have to start with friends can recommend more to buy on the web search.

Air Jordan XX9 'Year Of' Item No. 727134-407

Air Jordan XX9 'Year Of' Cap Item No. 642104-010

Air Jordan XX9 'Year Of' Tee Item No. 811366-010

Written in the last, very hasty finish this article, because in writing this article about the New Year's mood and the mood is the same, a little joy, but a bit helpless, now in the eyes of most people seem As early as the year has no taste. Because there is a New Year ManDaManSuan 15 days, it does not mean that this year, like this pair Air Jordan XX9 'Year Of', as it does not represent any kind, this is the first year for a better showing in front of us things, because we know that this year there will be more surprises waiting for us!

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