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Q:Is it a legit site ?
A:Sure, we make good and strong business with each customer , we value customers'
feedback and look forward to build long business with you.If you don't get the package, you shoule offer a refund .

Q:Why are the price so cheaper ?
A:We do wholesale ,we own factory and guaranteed the primary sources. You get a lower wholesale price !

Q:Do you provide receipts when I buy goods from you ?
A:It is no problem . we offer Hongkong purchasing agents receipts.It Shows goods two-dimension code and 800 telephone ,they can check its authenticity.It charged 5 USD fee for piece.We need pay tax for the receipts,please understand.Please contact our sales if you need.

It is a sample,please check :

Q:Where do you ship and what are your shipping rates?
A:We Ship to worldwide area for free (Order over $200 USD) by EMS (USPS).
    But charge you $60/pair if you want them ship by DHL/TNT/Fedex.

  Q:How long will it take ?
  A:It just take 3-7 working days to your house as usual . (door to door service)
      DHL/TNT/Fedex will be more fast, just 3 working days to arrival.
      But It may be delay little time when it is in busy time.Like November,December. And Aircraft stopping caused by bad weather,natural disasters and man--made disaster.

  Q: What payment methods do you accept?
  A: Credit Card, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Of China.

  Q:How is your products quality ?
  A:We only offer good quality products for you. We're constantly trying to use the best technology to produce better quality.
Like There are several quality for air jordan , A, AAA, Perfect, Super Perfect . Different quality, different price.

  Q: What is the return policy?
  A: If you don't like the goods as received, please contact our sales within 7 days to talk about the return matters.

  Q:My credit card was declined, now How to do ?
  A:There are various reasons for a declined credit card transaction.The most common reason is the address you entered is not the same address on your credit   card statement. If so, please try again with the right billing address.

A simple typing mistake could cause the transaction to be declined, including entering the wrong credit card number, wrong expiry date or CVN code (the security number on the back of your credit card). If your credit card payment is still not successful,please don't try to pay again and again. we suggest you:

- Call your credit card bank to know the declined reason details.
- Make sure you open Cross-border deals for your credit card .
- Make sure your credit card is not over its limit
- Make sure your credit card has not expired
- Try another payment method, As Western Union , Money Gram, Bank of China. they can online send money ,credit card is accepted.

  Q:Can I get some discount?
  A:Sure , New customers will get a gift in the first order . and Old customers always given best wholesale price.
  Pay by western union , money gram, bank of china will get better price . Contact our sale manager to know the details.

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