First of all, the first self-review seems to have two years I have not sent a message of evaluating basketball shoes. Mainly lazy and might turn its attention from basketball shoes
What he terms. And now a district moderator trend probably focus are on the other side, (but lazy or primary)
Now in Britain, may have been no previous one pair that I would buy a pair of the passion and energy of. Prefer classical and practical.
Closed shoes and kobe series only tend to AJ. AJ to watch and there is no way to buy commemorative previous years, Kobe have died on the pitch
Even the best shoes I have always respected the best use to play on the court, but sometimes depressed occasionally on the concrete floor of his past marijuana * AJ21 and AJ
Idiot 22 days now in the UK, as well as general training games are in the room. This gives some of the more delicate shoes had better play.
I might write evaluation will be very casual, think of what to write where because I can not make beautiful pictures and beautiful write text
Everybody is a fun map.
I data: 179,71KG audience in general is in the cast, and look for opportunities to break a little more than half a breakthrough

On the appearance, to be honest, the original intention of buying these shoes I just follow suit, because I missed the Michael Jordan era beautiful. For AJ17 previous product. I
May be more admiration and a sense of distance, because in high school at that time can not buy more than 1000 yuan frequently buy shoes and also fear can only be placed in shoes
Wait and see mood inside the cabinet, this thing very well reflected in my friends in. In addition to the team may not contact a few friends on the basketball shoes
Evaluation just in general. But this is not important at first glance may not be a good thing but slowly phase scrutiny taste and time. For foreigners, AJ is
Extremely popular brand, AJ1 and AJ6 also kanye west with hot even in the UK, maybe they will not buy, but they are still very much appreciate. I
When wearing AJ11 before training do GYM of many foreigners are Coushang asked me not air jordan 11. Then his best rhetoric to praise him.
For the exterior, understand people naturally know. Do not understand people who insist.

In this review just to get the shoes when he wanted to write a review, but I think more times must have a say
Basically I combat shoes five times and made two wearing gym. Over two hours each time
Indoor games are in the audience and they are likely to match and training shoes, a more comprehensive understanding of one o'clock
About cushioning it. Certainly is no way, and now compared to plastic shoes. The first time wearing a pair AJ11 help feeling or collection of goods. Play too sad reminder
But when the second was wearing when I first stepped on a soft insole this time you can have a very clear sense of comfort can be said that there is a qualitative difference. And no
That it had some good Maotouxiaohuo superstition technology zoom ratio sole. Forefoot is not considered extraordinary force feedback can determine the success or failure of epigenetic earners
I like his foot feeling, I like his brand, I trust him Technology Is it not enough thing.
My position in the team is swinging between small front and front-bit .AJ11 gave me comfort, and fully meet the needs of degree.
On the protection and comfort

Filler and comfort I was not very satisfied with ZK series mainly thick filler so I have become accustomed to
And this must wear high-top shoes. The first dress I chose to help low ankle socks sides are milled blood.
Is the right choice for a second helping of dedicated high basketball socks 9 pounds. In general, when I first wore AJ11 basically all kinds of sad reminder
The second was beginning to feel the charm of AJ11
Quick shoelaces because I'm not very cold when I play it like the shoelaces tied tightly feeling. This is different for each person's feelings.
Because I had to play almost no foot and ankle injuries. So for this one I have been protective no say.
But I remember more clearly that it is time for the third time to wear a breakthrough into foul ground when the defender is to suppress the ankle.
But no injuries so I was very protective AJ11 trust
AJ11 is suitable for foot thin people. About how to mix the words because I basically just wear him back to the stadium to the site. Not been evaluated for this multi-

After combat wrinkles appear, did not we think of patent leather so unbearable because the place does not really affect the bending patent leather.

That place is the other side stepped a bit distressed for a long time,
About outsole, then I think the sexiest place when when I received the shoes very greedy kind of plastic shoes smell taste.
No exaggeration, I really like that kind of new shoes plastic taste. The crystal bottom do not know will not be so quick to oxidation. So go carpe diem
Monolithic carbon plate provides good support and vague LOGO also reveals the noble status of these shoes.
Because the infield is the school gym where the field is still a little dirty soiled shoes point ash layer is still in the grip of convincing before the end for the crystal has been
Think too little time available, but the difference between the actual grip experience still felt very carefully so that everything was awesome to experience their own do not parrot
At least no obvious slip for me is enough.

Because it wanted to use here in the UK to good sports facilities do not feel bad experience so delicate shoes. Aside historical status does not say
AJ11 dresses in use and do not you think so unbearable, because a pair of shoes that can occupy an important place in history, and each time were engraved
Usher berserk appearance is not the only person able to conquer. Outstanding combat capability can not be ignored
Maybe I just started to follow suit as well as a memory of the past. I would be more likely in the future to buy more things are possible and I will continue to receive 100 pairs
But may really can not find more money to save money in high school meal province secretly buy shoes tucked into that dorm feeling.
At that time a magazine shoes can be from a new class of boys turn to junk. A new pair of shoes in the school can win all eyes
Put on new shoes can believe their technology with shoes conquer the whole stadium.
One pair of shoes to his eye playing virtually increase the number of freely.
To shoes for girlfriend will not understand ignored. Happy days each week is to put all the shoes out
Enjoy some cleaning something and then carefully put it back.
I'm glad I came to this ancient city of Glasgow in Scotland, I met a group of like-minded friends. Let me know, I still love basketball.
love is love. Taking advantage of the young, carpe diem, the best use of (recently because of the Spring Festival, a little homesick and miss former classmates)
Below are a few photos on microblogging. And here the team uniforms. And domestic friends to enjoy, and with overseas students encourage each other. Basketball never interest.
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