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[Daily] volley of shoes for? --Air Jordan XX9

 [Daily] volley of shoes for? --Air Jordan XX9

From the Jordan Brand released Air Jordan XX9 been nearly half a year's time, while officially on sale shoes are also nearly two months. In the official press conference in Jordan Brand used the innovation process, as the stadium was born, and three sets of words to describe Air Jordan XX9. So today we will lower the performance of the shoes in the end how to analyze these three words.
Air Jordan XX9
The official said the simple point that is innovative, a. Using unprecedented high performance knit uppers production, 2. Innovation Flight Plate Technology Pebax Cottage by Nike Zoom Air cushioning panels will play the ultimate cushioning unit. 
Can actually effect? FlightPlate technology as early as in Jordan XX8, Melo M10, Super Fly 2 above we saw, although it is revolutionized FlightPlate, but surely there is nothing more than the previous generation of drum kits solve the problem of the bar, while the figure we knit uppers as early as Nike Kobe 9 Elite to see, so that we have the exact opposite of shoes they not see the so-called innovation. 
Drum kits Reasons: Flight Plate design actually allows air into the bottom half, and half protruding from the outsole. This first contact with the ground during landing cushion is protruding, the direct air under pressure from the "active" reaction, which is the sole common plane are very different from the plane of the sole is the sole first be conducted to the air under pressure air do "passive" reaction, such Flight Plate "active" and the reaction brought soft flexible foot feeling, but this configuration allows air under pressure directly to each air itself, a strong and repeated oppression under the cushion easily damaged.

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High quality materials and innovative production process, indeed bring XX9 wearing comfort is presumably the wearer should be to reach a consensus, both lightweight and breathable. But the problem again is relatively soft upper protective above is somewhat lacking. 
Born for the stadium: 
The official given is: shoulder to help the players to fly the mission, combat performance is a core value of Jordan Brand. Unlike most exclusive signature shoes to the feet of the players were architecture, Air Jordan to do is to let every consumer has a tailor-made experience. But one pair of specially designed shoes for the interior, as opposed to China's national conditions, the small series themselves feel worrying ah. 
Here's the whole that the next shoe bar 
High-performance knit uppers bring comfort, fit and breathability flu and other aspects worth for sure, but the material itself is soft factors, has led to problems some users reflect torn shoe uppers and laces durability problems.

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Midsole technology: Flight Plate Technology Pebax Cottage by Nike Zoom Air cushioning panels will play the ultimate cushioning unit, but perhaps there are a lot of people are only suited forefoot Zoom and remove carbon plate in the Jane XX9 with problems. But relatively speaking, the Air Jordan XX9 Jiaogan not missing after palm Zoom, look how much less, surely we have noticed an increase in the bottom of the arch bridge structure, this section is designed around the palm strung me think the key Air Jordan XX9 Jiaogan upgrade, if there has Air Jordan XX8 friends should know that when you wear shoes when forefoot into the top of the arch ready to wear, when to go, around the palm will completely separate XX8 presents an unnatural "upturned" status, is due to Flight Plate with Carbon Fiber-based elastic good arch support due. Followed before and after the bridge connecting the palm-shaped design is a major change in dress sense, recent generations (2012,28) before and after the palm completely separate styling, but 2011 and 2010 is also affixed to the middle of the flat design, XX9 designs can say combines the strengths of both. XX9 middle generation exposed directly Flight Plate by valley-like shape to enhance the support piece torsional capability.
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