AIR JORDAN basketball shoes has become a trend from the actual shoes, do not play basketball the influx of people from various quarters have also on foot, and in the court rarely JUMPMAN figure.

(Not including Anthony MELO series and Paul CP3 series) had served as the real sign of good shoes AJ TEAM new work this year will have a hard show for a big wave engraved like the old AJ is on behalf of zombies crawling out of the coffin in addition to the more the higher the price tag attached and a mess of gimmicks, has been difficult to return to court.

And a long absence, AJ .5 series regression, it seems some bright spots, but it is today's hero --Jordan Flight time 14.5.

Also worth mentioning is the toe toe part of the protection, the real friends will find real war being stepped on are common,

And here is step on the big toe pain is also very likely to cause retraction toenails, toenail natural feel to the inside looks friend Ken

Set deeper. Now bigger and thin plastic uppers, seriously good protection for the toes, which is being criticized plastic shoes

One reason. This double AJ14.5 toe portion, although not using leather shoes, plastic-like material, but in line with the material thickness is

Foot plus toe styling provides rare in other plastic shoes toe protection.

The upper part of the help design, interior design high outside trying to achieve both low on the support and flexible. Elastic sides lined heel raised in line with the physiological curve of the ankle padding is more conducive to fully fit the lock ankle. Heel shoes to wear off easily pulling the ring, saying that now the new heel with pulling ring really is rare.


AJ14.5 uses XDR outsole enhance durability outfield combat. Forefoot word lines and AJ14 exactly the same, to provide a good grip. After the palm lines for diamond pattern stitching, can be seen to the midsole and heel shape echoes the lines and the gap is large, the actual performance of such lines in general.


Arch AJ14.5 did not like using the TPU torsion system, and the entire heel insert arch like a cone like

Although the shape of palm before connecting looked so handsome but caused arch forming one but two non-convergence and midsole arch

Outsole narrow issues. Under extreme conditions arch anti-torsional stability of the lack of will shown.

The last general, now this Jordan Flight time 14.5 or a high cost of real shoes. The basic price of the various purchase channels do not pick the color of the lowest was around 700. Compared with the price range of HD14 and other flagship combat shoes are also very competitive, but the actual performance is good, configuration is also very kind.

If the views of several small shoes to improve believe will be more outstanding:

1. The work is not good enough, the shoe body punching can, but there is no punch clean.

2. comfortable enough material inside the shoe, with 14 original velvet touch has bad days to do, more than lack of breathable fabrics look good, a direct result, a lot of shoe side vents utterly useless.

3. insoles, laces choice of materials is extremely improvise, insoles can feel is just a breaking down of the foam, nylon lace full sense, a ball down the energy spread five times.
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