1. Designs

     About the design has been a benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom of the problem, from CQ1 (Crazy Quick 1, hereinafter referred to as CQ) beginning I liked the look of this series, a generation of asymmetric laces, highly personalized flanking three bars and heel metal tray, high combat performance is by design face manifested. Look at the smooth leather uppers support the second generation, followed by six bars stable upper tray and outsourcing of design, coupled with the iconic Quick Zone outsole, smart light strain.

 adidas Crazy Quick 2

2. comfort

     Under the comfort of this to say, perhaps based on the bottom Sprint Frame reasons, CQ2 waist gave me a kind of feeling, a little convex arch up, complete with the entire foot soles paste, and both sides of the arch after the tie shoelaces posted very comfortable. Arguably the high degree of flexibility will affect the upper ankle, but it feels CQ2 uppers and did not give me the constrained, when combat uppers give me comfort me completely out of the kind of sense of restraint. It can be said to protect the upper Geo fit, flexibility and comfort do the "most" comprehensive. Tech fit inside boots also offer great comfort, after tightening the laces flat feet did not oppressive, CQ2 high comfort is unquestionable.

adidas Crazy Quick 2

3. cushioning

     Like mentioned above, as to the number of cushioning may drag of a performance of CQ2, CQ2 cushioning rely on silica gel insoles, although Quick Zone for cushioning made a little contribution, but I think it's almost can be ignored, forefoot cushioning can only be said to be a rank higher than the tile, something that can only be fooled insole under the foot feeling, but fortunately the heel cushioning gel added a point. But it also said that, threw himself into basketball when it ignored the real foot cushioning or rebound, and after a long time to adapt to slowly combat will find this degree of cushioning can accept. Strong "sense of space" may be the defender of the acceleration thruster.


4. Protection of

     Playing basketball biggest concern is crooked foot injury, CQ2 ankle protection is necessary that six bars from the heel to start, which I can only say it is too fond of the design, and it feels like sitting in a chair with armrests, heel firmly . CQ2 followed by six bars can not say with high-top design can completely avoid Wei feet, but can be a lot less worry, to pick holes in the protective case, it is too soft on the upper and metallic appearance brings tough feeling totally inconsistent flame inside when really there is a feeling of barefoot shoes step after being stepped on the foot.

adidas Crazy Quick 2


5. outsole

Quick Zone outsole is to speed the flow of tailor-made, cut sole with herringbone pattern provides excellent grip performance at a breakthrough change up is very flexible, easy to bend the forefoot, feeling what movements are very smooth is not strenuous .

Overall this is a good Crazy Quick 2 venues combat shoes, if you are a guard, if you like the pursuit of the ultimate sense of space and ankle protection is serious, then you may wish to try and combine now 500-600 on a treasure price, relatively speaking, there are still a high cost. More color shoes and sneakers parameters wish to view files.
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